The Hunt Branch Library in Photographs

Fullerton Public Library, Hunt 13
Interior of the Hunt Branch Library. Photo from the collection of the Fullerton Public Library Local History Collection

This page shows images of the Hunt Branch Library from the past and present. Scroll down for updates. Do you have images of the Hunt Branch Library you would like to share? Send them to us, and we’ll add them to this site.

Fulleton Public Library’s Collection of Vintage Hunt Branch Pictures

There is a very nice collection of images of the Hunt Branch Library on the City of Fullerton’s website:

Library History Exhibit Includes Hunt Branch

Right now the Main Branch of the Fullerton Public Library has a very nice exhibition of documents, photographs, and publications detailing the history of the various Fullerton Public Library facilities over the last century. Included are several artifacts celebrating the opening of the Hunt Branch in September, 1962…

The Hunt Building Today

Following are images from the May 5, 2018 tour of the Hunt prior to a special meeting of the Fullerton Library Board of Trustees…




Original Press Photo of the Hunt Branch Library

Original Press Photo from the 1962 opening of the Hunt Library…



Julius Shulman’s Photographs of the Hunt Library

Famed photographer of modernist buildings Julius Shulman photographed the award-winning integrated campus of Hunt Industries, which included the Hunt Library building. These wonderful images can be found in the collection of the Getty, available for viewing at this link:

The Hunt Library at night by famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman.
The deed for the Hunt Branch
Be a Hunt Branch Booster!