Save The Hunt Branch Library Building

Hunt Register

The Hunt Branch Library building is a significant mid-century modernist structure owned by the City of Fullerton. We believe it is in imminent danger of being sold, and have organized a group of private citizens to ensure that the building remains in the hands of the people of Fullerton, and used to benefit the community.

The William Pereira designed Hunt Branch Library was a gift to the City of Fullerton from the Norton Simon Foundation in 1962. For decades it served as only one of two branches of the Fullerton Public Library, until being closed in 2013 and eventually Β leased to neighboring Grace Ministries International (GMI) for $ 1,500.00 per month. This arrangement was said to be temporary while GMI renovated their adjacent headquarters, the former Hunt Food & Industries headquarters, also designed by Pereira. However, the lease has continued through 2018. Β When the lease was approved, the public was promised that the city would support efforts to obtain historic preservation status for the structure, but such protection has not yet occurred.

Instead, at least one member of the Fullerton City Council, current Mayor Doug Chaffee, has repeatedly said that he favors selling the library, and there is reason to believe that at least one other council member supports the idea. It would only take three members of the council to approve a sale. We adamantly oppose the inclusion of the Hunt building on a list of city properties to be considered for sale, and urge it’s immediate removal from this list.

We believe that the Hunt Library building can be used in any number of ways to directly benefit the community for many years to come. This precious gift to our city should not be thrown away for a one time windfall. We invite you to join us by following this blog and contacting us to become involved in this effort to preserve an architectural gem and an irreplaceable community asset.

The Hunt Branch Library in the 1960’s. Photograph from the Local History Collection of the Fullerton Public Library.

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Admin of Fullerton Rag. One of many concerned residents of Fullerton.

19 thoughts on “Save The Hunt Branch Library Building”

  1. Yes it needs to be saved and hopefully reopened as a library again, Pacific Drive benefited from it as did Fullerton as a whole, selling it to a private company is wrong and foolish, the mayor and council need to know this.


  2. I am absolutely thrilled to hear there are a numbe of us wanting the Hunt Branch Library back to enjoy. I spent many hours there studying through school. As a music teacher, I held my student recitals there.
    It IS a beautiful “architectural gem”, and should be treated that way.


  3. So, is someone directing this group ? Are we organized ? What are we doing besides making comments here ? We need to get started doing something asap.
    I’m sending another email to city council.
    Bring Back
    Hunt Branch Library


      1. Awesome πŸ™Œ
        Thanks for your quick reply. I’m getting nervous about losing the Hunt. Also very concerned about the condition of the property, based on current activities.
        Thank you


  4. Any way to set up an online petition? I don’t have a lot of time but would happily support the issue by signing.

    Thank you!


      1. I have never created anything on, but I can give it a try.
        Really would love to Save The Hunt………..


  5. Do you have any info on the meeting or happening at the Hunt this Saturday, May 5, at 10 AM?
    Many people from next I’m sure would love to attend and then I could share.


  6. Hunt library should be just that A LIBRARY. Haven’t our idiot council members taken a drive thru the train station. Its pathetic seeing homeless/vagrant people sleeping on the sidewalks and on the parking structures. You cant go out to DTF without the fear of a crazy going crazy. The new parking structure behind heroes is a filth toilet. Vagrants on the floor passed out and others taking their bathroom duties there. Its just pathetic how our council people only worry about their pet projects. If we had elected officials with balls who would stand up to special interest groups saying oh we need to help out these people things would be different. Why havent Fitzgerald, Chaffee and the other morons said We live in so and so place lets house them up there. NOPE that would ruin their surroundings.


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