Library Ad Hoc Meeting, August 6

August 6 Agenda Library Ad Hoc

The Library Ad-Hoc Committee will hold its second meeting on Monday, August 6 at the Conference Center Room of the Main Library, located at 353 W. Commonwealth Ave. The Agenda can be viewed at this link: Agenda-12.

At the committee’s request, the meeting will begin with a short presentation by a member of about our Hunt 101 presentation last month.

The Regular Business Agenda includes the following items:

  1. Selection of a Chair and Vice-Chair, held over from the previous meeting.
  2. Prioritizing Council Direction Regarding the Purpose of the Library Ad Hoc Committee, evidently still not clearly understood by the Ad Hoc.
  3. Cost to Operate the Hunt Library as a Library, provided to the council numerous times, when they have continually declined to fund it.
  4. Requirements and Estimated Costs to Bring theHunt Library up to Current Standards for Publicly Accessible Buildings, a critical number to have when considering any use for the facility.
  5. Proposed Publicly Beneficial Uses of the Building and Grounds, the two important words here are “publicly” and “grounds.”
  6. Proposed Funding Sources for Improvement of the Building and Grounds, we’ll see what sources the members have identified.


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One thought on “Library Ad Hoc Meeting, August 6”

  1. I love the museum idea. A long shot. Is there anyone at Norton Simon who might like to hear about what is going on at this location? Considering Norton Simon’s ties to Fullerton way back when. What about an art materials store location owned by the city to foster art inititives and keep wastes down by local businesses by donating their excess materials. An Art making , incubator location for content creators in need of a photo/video equipment studio, and t-shirt/sticker printing facility. A think tank for kids who want to discuss their redit feeds. I will try to attend the next meeting to understand better what is going on, but the space is exceptional and should be used for the public good.


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